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At New Life Upholstery, we take pride in our exceptional traditional upholstery services in the heart of Suffolk. Regardless of your furniture's age or style, we possess the expertise to revive it to its former glory. Our commitment extends to, embracing both modern and traditional techniques. Your furniture undergoes a transformative journey as we meticulously apply your chosen fabric, ensuring a seamless integration with your envisioned interior ideas and color scheme. Located in Needham Market, our workshops echo with the skilled artistry of upholstery, encompassing sofa upholstery, chair upholstery, and bespoke creations like armchair upholstery. With a keen eye for detail, we specialize in breathing new life into your beloved pieces. From traditional upholstery to modern reupholstery, New Life Upholstery is your trusted partner in crafting furniture that not only stands the test of time but also aligns perfectly with your dream aesthetic. Experience the fusion of tradition and innovation as we redefine the allure of your space through our artful upholstery services in Suffolk.

Traditional Upholstery Services:

traditional upholstery

We only use the highest quality traditional and modern upholstery products. This being said we use the right products for the job, such as Hessian, Horse Hair, Feather and Down, Copper, Scrim and Coil Springs. These products ensure that a traditional restoration is made to your upholstered furniture. Fun Fact: Stuffing and stitching the padding on using horse hair and hesian was first made for the Royal bottom.

Modern Upholstery Services:

modern upholstery

We use the best in modern products and methods to reupholster your modern three piece suit, sofa, chair, headboard or any other upholstered furniture. New Life Upholstery will transform your tiered upholstery back to their forms glory. Furthermore your sofa will be even better because it will be covered with your new choice of fabric in our Suffolk upholstery workshops.

Reupholstery and the benefits:

By choosing to reupholster you are keeping your upholster furniture out of landfill and doing your bit for the environment.

• Keep the original features of your furniture ie. If it has show wood features or deep buttoning.
• Make your furniture come to life and feel like new, insuring any comfort is not affected.
• Huge choice of fabrics.
• Fantastic service

benefits of reupholstery

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